Gnana Chattanathan

Co-Founder & CTO

With over two decades of diverse achievements, Gnana has established a track record of entrepreneurial success and decisive executive management. His strengths lie in navigating market trends, developing specialized products and services, and spearheading full-scale business development initiatives. Drawing from his background in software engineering, he ensures optimal technology utilization, particularly in the realms of medical devices and life sciences. As a serial innovator, he thrives in competitive markets, consistently exceeding expectations.

He has played a pivotal role in the successful launch of several medical device products, contributing from inception to product launch. His educational journey includes a Master of Science in Maharishi AyurVeda & Integrative Medicine from Maharishi International University. Additionally, he completed the Wharton Executive Education Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program: Scaling Your Business and was honored to be a finalist in the Wharton business plan competition. His academic foundation began with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Bharathiar University.

Growing up with a family tradition of using Ayurvedic remedies, he has had firsthand experience with holistic healing, particularly in addressing chronic health issues. Recognizing the transformative power of holistic medicine, he embarked on a journey to build a platform for holistic practitioners and clients to collaborate effectively. This endeavor bridges the gap between traditional and modern healthcare approaches, reflecting his commitment to advancing holistic wellness practices.